Are you enjoying the Schoolhouse Expo??

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just a quick note to see if you are enjoying the Old Schoolhouse Expo Special Event???  

Expo 2013 Special Event

I have had such a busy week, I only signed in yesterday & listened this morning for the first time.  It was so wonderful to learn from experts in the Homeschooling Community. I was able to briefly listen to David Gibbs III as he spoke about 'Understanding your rights as a Homeschooler & a Person of Faith' before I had to run & eat breakfast. Although a lot of the legalities he spoke about were regarding the US, they could have just as easily been applicable to Australia. ( I have recently registered here in NSW & am acutely aware of the requirements on us as homeschooling parents. )


I am so disappointed to have missed so many of the speakers live, but because of the time difference, we are in bed or it is morning craziness when it is on (2am to 10am).   I am happy that they are recording the events & these recordings will be released to us in the next couple of weeks! so I haven't missed out completely.  

If you are in need of some  wonderful encouragment & advice, the midweek cost is now $17 and registration is available HERE.  

If you've been listening I'd love to know who you've been encouraged by?

Disclaimer: I was provided with free admission & a ticket to giveaway  for 3 blogposts about this event!
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