Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's hard to believe he's eleven already...
It wasn't long ago that he taught me how to be a mother...
It wasn't long ago that he twisted his fingers around my heart & I've never been the same since...
It wasn't long ago that he cut his first tooth, took his first step, ate his first bite....
It wasn't long ago that he wrote his name in that uneven, strange scrawl of a 3 year old..

First thing in the morning ~ Zai is our morning bird!

And now, now he's a young man.  Every time I look at him I can still see the baby that was, the toddler that grew, but slowly & yet so very quickly he's turning into a young man before my very eyes & I wonder at this familiar stranger emerging that I know so well, yet I need to get to know all over again.

Lots of phone calls from precious family ~ we miss you all XO

Independence is taking it's first steps.  Opinions from deep within are beginning to emerge.  A new person is growing out of the little boy he was.  

Zai's cake request was that everyone make cat paddy cakes for his birthday.  He & his brothers made most, but all the family had to make at least one!

I pray for him each day ~ for his future, for his faith, for his life.  This is my most important job as a mother ~ to pray for my children each & every day of my life.  That is the one thing I can do whether they are enveloped within or across the globe, whether near or far ~ pray!

Quite a selection were made!

Though the years are flying & the countdown to adulthood has already begun ( at least in his eyes). I know what an honour & privilege it is to be our precious Zai's mother!  

A party with friends who are like family & his 'local' best friend!

Happy Birthday Precious Boy ~ you are loved more than words can ever express!!!
May you grow to love the Lord with all your being & to serve Him with every breath! 

PS Sorry about the picture quality.  I got the quote for my DSLR camera repair & it was almost as much as purchasing a new DSLR camera (in fact more than some brands).  Guess what I'm hoping for for my upcoming birthday???... in the meantime I do what I can!
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