Encouragement for Homeschooling Mothers - Introduction

Monday, August 5, 2013

I want to start by apologising to those was hoping to read posts on farmschooling. I will write that series on farmschooling in a couple of weeks time.  We are just at a critical point in our transition into our new homeschooling method that I can't openly share about until all the t's have been crossed & i's dotted.  So please forgive me if that is why you have visited today.  I hope you find encouragement anyway and come back & visit when I get the farmschooling series up.

Coming soon...

Our role as mothers is unlike any other role in the universe.  We hold such a unique position of influence in our children's lives that will effect them for the rest of their lives & the future generations after them.  A world renown architect may build something great that lasts for centuries.  Well dear mother, what you are building lasts into eternity.  The greatest job on earth compares not in influence or passion to that of a mother.  The souls of these precious children we mould will continue forever. What an amazing, awe-inspiring & incredible role we play in this life. 

I sometimes wonder whether I am qualified to write this kind of post.  You see I am not one of those amazing women who have everything together (if in truth there are actually any).  In fact were you to creep up &  look through my window at any given time on any given day you would not see any hint of perfection.  I am constantly failing in some area of my life. I am learning slowly how to juggle the many roles I have, whilst desperately trying to keep my priorities sorted.  How I wish it were not so.  I am too hard on the children, too soft on the children, have too high expectations on myself & fall down into heaps often. I get angry for minor things & overlook major things.  I get so frustrated with it all at times & I'll admit that there are days that school hours & a professional job look so very much easier than the balancing act I am performing ( although I am not sure that it would be when I really think about it).  The whole purpose though of writing this series of posts is not that I want you to think I have some magic formula or a perfect life.  Instead I want to point you to the Lord who is indeed the solver of all issues, the guider of all who seek Him & who has a special place in His heart for mothers.  

I have been praying about what to share with you & I am hoping to cover topics that particularly relate to homeschooling mothers over the following week.  I will share a little of my journey through these issues & then give some practical advice on what I've found has been helpful to me. I am hoping to share in the following areas:

Dear mother, never, ever let anyone tell you that your role is inferior, that your life is worthless.  Our Heavenly Father has given you this role at this exact time and will equip you for what He would have you do.  

So today....hug your children, smile at them & count your blessings because if we actually think about it they are too numerous to even count! 

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