Spring days...to remember

Friday, September 20, 2013

Spring comes with a flourish of beauty here at Sunnyside.  I know I have regaled you with numerous flowering trees & plants in my beauty captured post, but if you could only see how very picturesque the world here is at the moment you would understand why I am bombarding you with more Spring pictures.

Sometimes in the middle of a dreary summer it is difficult to remember why we are here & what attracted us to this part of the world, but in spring Sunnyside could boast as being the most beautiful part of the world ( sure, I'm a tiny bit biased ;).  I need these pictures put here for my own memory & to provoke thankfulness.  I need to be able to look at them & remember the beauty surrounding when the boiling hot temperatures cause the air conditioning to stop working & the scorching sun causes my tomatoes to shrivel.

Eli, Ellie & I slipped out for a quick walk recently.  The day seemed to beckon us to take longer than our allotted time and we enjoyed meandering around the farm to capture the memories of wildflowers dancing in the breeze, endless blue skies & fresh green grass! ! We began down at the corner 50 acre paddock which is being left to grow for our summer feed as it is filled with clover which provides wonderful nourishment even as dry hay on the ground for the animals. 

 These flowers have been a golden strip across the paddock when seen from up at the house, yet closer at hand they are even more beautiful ( & yes, I know they are a weed ~ I don't care, they are still pretty in spring)!

Perfect for making daisy chains!
 I have received many fist-fulls of these as love-gifts from my generous boys!

The warm breezes have since left us, yet gave us a wonderful taste of coming spring days.  Winter is enjoying one final spurt with plummeting temperatures which accompany glorious rain so we don't mind!
Looking across the cow paddock from the big dam.  Yes, those are our poddy lambs in the paddock too :)
 Clover, glorious, green, nutritious clover growing & thriving!  Clover is one of those wonder-foods for animals & we are thankful that the clover we under-sowed with crops over the years is spreading nicely!

 These trees previously covered in blossoms are now being redressed in their new season growth.  We have drastically pruned these two old, tired trees and are awaiting to see if we finally get fruit off them this year!

The canola is glowing golden in it's paddocks, the legumes are providing a white sheen to their fields & the grain crops are a deep, dark green.  Together they provide a beautiful pattern reminiscent of a patchwork quilt!

Spring has sprung in all it's beauty!  May I never forget what a blessing this farm is!

Have a wonderful day friends!

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