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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This week has surely been a busy one, but in such a good way that I dare not even hint at complaining :)  In fact the past two weeks have flown by without a hint of a 'beauty captured' post here on the blog ( actually with very little posts of any kind ~ sorry).  Even though I had the photos loaded onto the computer for last week, real life just flung itself in the way & I embraced it wholeheartedly.  I did unfortunately get so muddled that I have forgotten the exact day these were taken, so rather than take a haphazard guess, I am just lumping them all here under 'Beauty Captured over the past fortnight'!

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, 
places to play in and pray in... 
  ~John Muir

Spring on the farm is delightful, busy & chaotic, all of which describe my life perfectly at the moment!

This is the last of the flowers on one of our bushes out the front.  It always heralds the end of winter & the beginning of spring with such finery.  Already it has shed it's white for the green of the growing season.  I have no idea what this bush is called, but we call it our 'snowflake bush' :)

Zai's garlic is growing, growing, growing.  He wants to do a follow up video at some point now that this is up, but we may wait until harvest time (we shall see).  This garlic has continued to grow & would be almost twice this size again.  We are looking forward to a bountiful garlic harvest in November (Lord willing).

Eli & I were weeding the weed bed rose garden when he found this golden cocoon.  We saved it with the intention of observing the butterfly as it hatched.  Unfortunately when Eli poked holes in the top of the plastic container it was to be stored in he accidentally stabbed it with the knife.  Oh well ~ we've since had some moth cocoons hatch here, but no more butterfly ones so far.

This may not look like a 'beauty captured' picture, but it's certainly an occasion to remember and not just because of the extremely large amount of washing up.  This was after my birthday dinner that Dave & Zai cooked!  Sometimes when someone works in the kitchen ( no names here ;)  there is rather a large amount of washing up, but then it is so tasty that I can't complain!  This dinner was delicious & since it was my birthday I didn't even have to help wash up!  

Cadbury is slowly getting used to being separated from her Mum before milking, but she doesn't have to like it!

Our chickens are quite obviously very civilised....
....well actually Eli was giving them the left over bird food after he cleaned out the finch cage & he found a plastic plate to put it on.....because well actually I'm not sure why!!??!!.  

My planter box out front had begun to loose it's gorgeous blossoms it has delighted us with over winter, so I decided to replant it for the coming warmer seasons ~ white popcorn petunias this year.  

Is there any smell more delightful than orange blossoms?  Our orange tree is covered in these & the perfume wafts throughout the yard!

We are getting really good at practising our cheese-making since we began milking two cows a day (we still wouldn't categorise us as 'really good' at the actual art ~ some work & others don't)!!  This is French cream cheese which is actually really easy to make!  My parents gave me a cheese making kit for my birthday & I am having such fun using it!
We laughed that you know someone who has excess milk as they have numerous white fabric squares hanging on their washing line even when no babies live in the house (sigh)!

I have about 5 posts half completed for my blog and I hope to get to actually finishing them.  In the meantime I am enjoying visiting with my parents, completing the farm bookwork (not my favourite past time as I'm not great at sitting in front of the computer for hours on end) & these lovely spring days which beckon me outside regardless of my inside responsibilities!

Blessings Friends

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