Farmboys will be...well boys

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our boys are just like other boys...boisterous, smelly, a little mischievous & a whole lot of loveable fun!  It always amuses me that God would send me 3 sons after growing in a family of 5 girls.  I really did not know what to expect with Zai & then to have twin boys added to the mix has been an amazingly wonderfully, crazily, busy adventure.  As the boys get older they are growing & changing, but one thing that remains the same is their strong, brotherly bond.  Adventures abound & brotherhood pacts are kept & broken & any kind of play inevitably ends in a wrestling match, but sometimes, sometimes they do something that is so crazy, so wild, yet so funny that it begs me to record it if only for the sake of making sure it is not missed for their 21st Birthday!!! 
 This is one of those times...

Because I am too lazy to line them up for a photo right now I am using ones previously taken.  This is after a homeschool group where we did tye dying!
Our boys have many lovely friends who visit us here at Sunnyside on occasion.  When friends come they are often taken around different parts of the farm that we have deemed safe ~ always in a group together making sure they know to keep well away from dams (unless supervised ).  This farmyard tour includes the pig paddock. My boys take their friends right into the 15 acres the pigs free-range in & coax the friend right into the middle.  (I know this because I have reliable sources who have informed me of this event taking place to at least a couple of their friends).  My boys would then commence calling Old Boris who knows they are the ones who bring him kitchen scraps each day.  Boris, with the promise of a treat ringing in his head, would run for them as fast as an enormous 150+ kg pig can run (which doesn't seem fast until you have one barrelling towards you at full speed).  As he begins to get close, one of my boys would yell at the top of his lungs " Run, he's going to eat you".  All the boys would scatter & run for the nearest fence, the poor friend running with all he has in him to prevent being eaten by this enormous beast!  Ashamedly, my boys would end up holding their sides laughing at the sight of their terror-stricken friend running from our placid old Boris (who is left confused as to why there is no evidence of his dinner)! 

This was taken in July ~ back before butchering...not that I've blogged about that yet (bad blogger).  Boris is in the middle.
Thankfully they have only tried it on friends that are very good sports...

Boys will be boys, it's true.  But boys on a farm have a whole lot of different opportunities for adventure!

Boris saying hello on the right of the picture ~ he loves us!!! (well maybe it's the food we bring him).

I am not proud that my boys would treat their friends in such a way, but I'm sure this story will be remembered throughout the years ~ relished again around our long dinner table even when all is quiet & it's just two of us sitting there!

I guess this kind of thing must come from their father's side....
Of course I would never have played jokes on anyone growing up......(shhhh Mum).....

So should you come visiting & the boys take you on a tour of the farm....consider yourself warned!  

Have a wonderful weekend 

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