This January...Virtual Curriculum Fair

Friday, January 3, 2014

Want a peek inside the coming school year here at Sunnyside?

Want to know what we've found works & doesn't work for us?

Want to know what we've used in the past?

Like most  homeschooling mothers here in Australia I am knee-deep in planning learning programs for the upcoming 2014 school year.  I have found that curriculum choices are so important as we tackle this significant job of educating our children at home. Choose the right curriculum & the children thrive, choose the wrong & everyone could very well end up in tears (trust me, we've been there).   I am currently tackling the mammoth task of matching curriculum to child to the new national NSW curriculum outcomes.  It seems overwhelming, yet I find myself enjoying it as I love curriculum (& maybe because I can veg out under the air conditioner vent on this boiling hot day & still justify it as being productive)!

One thing I find so useful is looking at other families & seeing what they use & how they use it.  I love to hear what curriculum they have found to be 'keepers' & what have been discarded along the way. Each Monday in January (Lord Willing) I will be joining a group of other blogging, homeschooling mothers from all around the world as we talk curriculum ~ our choices past & present, our likes & dislikes & our plans for the future as we band together to present the 2014 Virtual Curriculum Fair.  I hope you join us as we open up our lives & share them with you.  

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

I'd love to know your questions...if we could sit down for a cuppa, what would you ask me? Is there anything I can help you with or do you have some advice to share with me?

Some of my curriculum choices may surprise you as they've surprised me.
I look forward to sharing with you on Monday!

Blessings Friends

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