Canning has begun...

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's that time of the year.   
Sometimes it seems crazy working over a hot stove on a boiling hot day, but my family sure appreciates it for the rest of the year.  This is some of the canning we've been doing lately (& one of the reasons the blog has been so quiet):


~13 kgs of delicious peaches~

~In boiling water for a couple of minutes~
~ Then the ice water bath~

~ The peeling team gets to work ( never mind the pile of dishes in the sink ~ we were busy):)~

~ Peaches were then sliced & packed into sterilised jars & a light syrup added~

~ Bottles  were hot water bathed for 25 minutes~

~ Then cooled & packed in the pantry for use throughout the year~

Count: 35 jars


2 1/2 kg of slightly tangy plums

~Made into the most delicious jam ever tasted~
NB: Use slightly under ripe plums for delicious results

~ Bottled in sterilised jars~

~ Eaten~

Count: 8 jars.  I do have plans to make more jams, but this is more than enough to last us all year as we aren't big jam eaters. 

We loved our canned products & it is so satisfying seeing them filling the pantry shelves!


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