A random assortment...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm fairly sure that the title of this post could describe my life in so many ways..
...A random assortment of activities that keep us running hither & thither ....
...A random assortment of thoughts constantly revolving around my head...
...A random assortment of animals that I care for each day...

Today I'm sharing a random assortment of photos that have been sitting here waiting to be posted for quite a while.  Life has been busy lately & I'm looking forward to the 'quieter' season coming up.  Swimming stops this week & although it's been fun, I think everyone is ready for a break.  Homeschooling is going well, but I've been pushing the children extra hard with the knowledge that I can get so much more out of them in the first half of the year than the second.  I've been so pleased with their progress and they seem to be coping well even with the increased workload.  Dave's spent a few weekends away on various work trips which has meant the farm has been left in my hands.  Amazingly nothing has escaped or died this time!  

This is a dam mussel.  I had no idea that mussels grew in dams.  I always thought they preferred flowing waters.  When the boys came back from exploring a dam with friends & had some of these I was very surprised!  It was a well timed find as we have just studied mollusks in Science!

Bessy is still going strong.  Actually a little too strong as she is still feeding Beefy.  That would be like feeding a grown adult if they were human.....which really we would rather not think about.  Beefy is booked in to be butchered at the end of March, so very soon her condition will improve as we are drying her off.  Early April she is going to visit the bull again after a cameo appearance at the local school fete to be the starring character in their 'cow pat lottery' (only in the country....)!  Let's hope she fulfils her role well! 

I cannot get a good photo of her close up as she just loves me too much.  Unfortunately this night she had a runny eye.  I checked her for a grass seed or other irritation, but couldn't find anything.  By the next day she was all better!

This is the reason I had my camera out that evening... the evening moonlight leant a whimsical appearance to the thirsty paddocks! (This was taken about a month ago, before any autumn rains had come & the much anticipated green tufts which are finally making an appearance).

This little toy is a humidifier & we purchased it so we could maintain the humidity in our 'cheese/ meat' fridge which at the moment has a lovely slab of prosciutto hanging in it ( don't worry, we don't keep cheese & meat in it at the same time).  We all enjoyed trying  the humidifier out!  The fridge now has temperature & humidity control which allows us to experiment with even more products!   

This garden kart has been so very handy as it can be towed behind the quad bike which makes hauling feed around for the animals so much easier.  Of course when it's not being used for work, the children have utilised it for many an imaginary vehicle.  It has been a downhill bobsleigh, a boat & this time an Amish buggy.  Ellie loves reading Amish books (just like her Mum) & gets her brothers to join her in her Amish games whenever she can get them to oblige!  This time they were up early & we were checking the chickens (which are now located over here instead of next to the pigs for obvious reasons if you read this post) & so they were all in pjs!  

Here they are being towed behind the quad bike.  I wish you could hear the giggles that accompany each ride.  It can't help but bring a smile to your face ~ even before your breakfast coffee!!!!

Summer has finally filtered into the coolness of Autumn.  It was certainly a difficult summer, but it makes us appreciate more so the other seasons.  Our farm, while far from perfect, continues to thrive & grow!

Have a lovely weekend friends

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