Family fun...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our family fun day, which occurred a couple of weeks ago, involved so much more than seeking out wild apples, although that was the primary reason we packed everyone into the car & took off for a day away from the farm.  Just spending time together as a family is so important & Dave had been so very busy with working lately that it was nice to have his undivided attention.  He does an amazing job with everything he has to juggle & the good news is that the chaotic start of the year has calmed down into a moderate rhythm once again.  


We visited a park & enjoyed the early autumn weather which on this day retained it's coolness ( to be once again followed by another heatwave, but that's the very nature of this time of year).  

 Ellie & I decided to follow a walking track & leave the boys to their giggle-inducing swinging.  Sometimes tracks  just beckon to us & we can't help but explore them!  I love to be outside & explore & my favourite place to be is by a stream!  Sadly we were not allowed to go wading, but we certainly enjoyed the freshness of the gentle breeze that blew over the waters.

We weren't sure what the fourth sign meant.  We giggled with our ideas ~ no synchronised swimming ~ or maybe it's allowed since it's not crossed????

 I am enjoying playing with my new camera.  It's taking a while getting back into the habit of photographing our life.  How much I enjoy exploring the world through the lens, yet I have so much to learn.  Every time I pick it up I am overwhelmed with the many options it gives me. I promised Dave however that I would master this camera & I fully intend to fulfil that promise.  It's going to take a while though...

 We skipped the final part of the walk & went through some bush to cut through the playing field.  I will admit to taking off my shoes & wiggling my toes in this lush, green grass!  Then we tried to identify the bugs that seemed to be everywhere.   

As we left that town we decided to take an alternative route that took us past some of the town's beautiful old buildings, including the convent that originally housed our wood fired oven (that is still being redone).  It looks as if it's going to be an outdoor only oven for safety's sake, which is unfortunate, but still will be lovely to use! 
Looking back across the town!

A lazy, fun family day...
...Filled to the brim with memories made & relationships strengthened!

Have a lovely day friends

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