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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I am the type of person who loves listening to something while I'm ironing or cleaning the house.  I try to find something thatwill encourage & challenge me in the myriad of roles that I juggle each day.  Recently I was asked to be part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Launch team & I am so glad I was because I had never heard about this wonderful, FREE  resource for homeschooling families. 

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The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network is an online Radio Network which hosts a variety of shows on a broad range of topics all encompassed within the Homeschooling Banner.  It hosts shows that will entertain, educate, encourage & challenge homeschooling families & in particular parents.  I was surprised at the range of topics available to be listened to.  Some of the shows are prerecorded while others can be listened to live.  Since I live in Australia and the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network is hosted in the USA, I found it very difficult to listen to the live shows (no, I don't clean in the middle of the night).  I did, however, find the archives particularly valuable  so I did not miss out on the content of the shows I was especially interested in listening to. 

The show I was most excited to listen to (and I could actually  listen to live during the middle of the day)  was by some of my favourite authors, Hal & Melanie Young, called  Making Biblical Family Life Practical.   They present a practical, down to earth show on various aspects of Biblical Family life.  I just love their relaxed style of presenting content that is so glorifying to the Lord, helpful & beneficial for the whole family!
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I also found the Vintage Homeschool Moms show full of wonderful encouragement from mothers who are a little further ahead on this turbulent homeschooling journey we find ourselves on.  

A new show is RoadSchool Moms.  I couldn't help but think of a couple of my friends who are setting off on their road schooling adventures in the future!  It sounds like such a great way to educate your children!

One other show I am looking forward to listening to is this one ( & as you can tell, I intend to continue using this wonderful resource):

The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network hosts a huge range of other shows on a broad variety of topics.  Being Australian, not all were applicable to me, but the shows I have listened to have been such a blessing in my busy life!  
The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network's calendar is easily accessible to preplan any shows you just don't wish to miss! 

The very best part is that this valuable resource is available for FREE to everyone! 
The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network can also be found on Facebook HERE.
I hope you find it as beneficial as I have!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review of Ultimate Homeschooling  Radio Network.  

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