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Monday, July 14, 2014

a. A fun double birthday celebration!
b. Two boys who are growing up far too quickly!
c. Too much cake in the house!
d. All of the above

It's hard to believe that our precious twins have recently celebrated their 8th birthday!  Considering I began this blog when they were little 1 year olds, the years have certainly flown by.  These boys are best of friends and have so much fun together.  In fact both of their siblings wish they had an identical twin to share life with. Their bond with each other is amazing.  As a mother you are generally (at least during their childhood years) the closest person to your children, but these two have a bond that surpasses even that of a mother-child and while I have the same bond with each boy as I have with my other children, their twin bond is even stronger!

As the boys continue to grow & mature, it is so interesting watching their development.  At the moment they are at very similar levels in most areas. Physically they are very close in their development.  Mentally they seem to play catch up where one soars ahead & the other follows, but eventually catches up & often surpasses his brother who then will catch up.  It's going to be so interesting seeing them as adults ~ their similarities & differences!

As is our custom, we began the day before daylight with their 'birthday hunt'!  It's so much fun to put together the night before & come up with original clues for often 'not so original' hiding places.  I do try to at least make a couple that are different!

We took them to see the "Lego Movie" on their actual birthday.  Since the tiny local cinema was sold out of their one & only session of it ( on their birthday which would have been perfect had I known about the ability to prebook tickets...) we had to drive to the city an hour away.  I was so thankful that they only requested tacos for their dinner celebrations!  I certainly hadn't anticipated the extra drive to see the movie.  The cakes were subsequently decorated very quickly, but the boys were happy  (what boy isn't happy with cake??!!??).

These boys have always been such a blessing to us!  We are so thankful God decided to allow us these years with them.  
Happy Birthday Eli & Jud!


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