Homeschooling tips from veteran homeschool Mothers! (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

One of my favourite things to do when I have the chance is to meet up with other homeschooling mothers & discuss this lifestyle we have chosen of educating our children in our own homes.  It is always wonderful to sit & share my own experiences, but I especially love to glean from others. I have never met a homeschooling mother that I haven't learned something from.  However the more experienced the mother, the more I find I learn & often I'll grab a pencil & notebook (which I conveniently keep in my handbag for such times) & take notes as my friend talks.  

I have recently been given the opportunity to review a newly launched ebook 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years : Inspiring Tips & Ideas from Two Veteran Homeschoolers! by Kathie Morrisey and Donna Reish.  Kathie & Donna are both well-known in the homeschooling community.  Both are veteran homeschooling mothers of large families and together they have over 60 years combined homeschooling experience.  They share a lot of good, sensible advice for anyone homeschooling or considering homeschooling.  Recently they compiled 60 of their best tips for homeschooling parents to glean from and released it in ebook format. This ebook is the result of their hard work.  Reading this is like sitting down with friends & gleaning from their years of homeschooling experience! 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years & found it very easy to read in short snippets as I found a few minutes here & there in my busy schedule.  Kathie & Donna have formatted the book so a single tip is at the top of each page with an explanation or example of how they utilised it in their family following this.  This make it very easy to follow for even the busiest mother.  
While I have 5 1/2 years homeschooling experience & know some of the tips to be true, I still learned a lot from this ebook & look forward to including some of their own ideas in our school days!  One area I intend to be more proactive in  is reading aloud to the children each day. Since my husband began reading to the children each evening after family devotions, I've gotten slack & haven't been including it in our school day as much as I should. I really miss reading aloud to them and want to reincorporate this where I can squeeze it in!

60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years is a compilation of well practised advice that any homeschooling family can glean from. 

60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years is available from Character Corner for $5.  

Donna & Kathie have very generously offered to give away 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years to two of my readers.  
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