Messy (Yes) Beautiful (Definitely) Love!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's been almost fifteen years since I stood in front of a church full of people & faced my  handsome groom & made some promises that seemed far too easy to make.
I meant every word back when I was just twenty years old, fresh our of university & marrying her high school sweetheart.  Even now, almost a decade & a half  later I still mean every word.  
Some moments change your life.  
That one changed mine.  

But what about the ever after? Once the princess has her prince? Once the marriage kiss is sealed?  What about the nights when he sleeps through the babies' waking every hour?  What about when the dirty socks pile up?  What about when life real-life comes along & you find out that your handsome prince isn't as perfect as you thought? 

I have been blessed to be chosen on the launch team for the latest book Messy, Beautiful Love: Hope & Redemption for Real Life Marriages by Darlene Schacht of The Time-Warp Wife.  I have long admired Darlene for the strong, wise marriage advice she shares on her blog so you can imagine how excited I was to open up the launch copy of her book & begin reading.    I have a review coming later in the month & I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say that what I have read so far is excellent!

Darlene asked that her launch team let our readers know about over $50 of Freebies she is offering everyone who preorders a copy of Messy, Beautiful Love.  

These include:
* 10 ebooks including Darlene's newest ebook "I'd Rather be a Crown Than a Trophy Wife:
* A set of 31 Printable Prayer Cards
* 1 Downloadable MP3 Song: "Untold Story" by Naomi Striemer

If you purchase five or more copies you'll also get: 
* The Messy Beautiful Love Companion Study Guide
* 25 inspiring iPhone Wallpapers
*200 printable conversation starters from Words Fitly Spoken

Love is a Beautiful Thing

For more details of these freebies please visit HERE.

To get these freebies, simply purchase a book & email with your proof of purchase.  

Books can be ordered through the links on

I look forward to sharing with you a little more about the book in the coming weeks!
Have a lovely day friends

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