31 days of sunnyside fun - day 1

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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It seemed like fun at the time....
.... to sign up for the 31 day challenge that is.  
I mean when I put very little thought into it 31 days doesn't seem very long.  
However I've sat down & written blog posts ~ many blog posts ~ & I know the time I put in to make sure it all makes sense & looks pretty.  So I should have known better than to say I'd do something like blog every day for 31 days. But I sat down & I signed up & I still think it would be fun!  

Since I really don't have a lot of spare time right now, I didn't want to choose a topic to blog on that would keep me chained to the computer for the next month.  So I thought I'd share here an assortment of photos from this crazy life I live.   I have a lot of photos that are not worthy of a blog post of their own, but are still worth keeping.  They will not always be wonderful photos & often-times it will be just one photo with very a little caption ( & unedited), but I'm going to see if I can do it!  And if I don't...well that's alright as well.  I've always said blogging come AFTER real life & while I could sit down all day everyday & compose posts if I had to (& there are days when it would beat wrangling cranky cows, over affectionate lambs, attacking roosters, crazy sheep & wild children ), it's not as much fun as living this busy, chaotic, wonderful life I live!

We had a fire here!  
Deliberately lit & properly supervised.  We had sprayed out a section of one of our poorer paddocks to get rid of any pasture (which were mainly weeds) and use it as a water shed ( which basically means that it's purpose is to run as much water off it as possible during rain).  Since the dead plants were still able to stop the flow of water and we'd put the sheep in & they'd eaten as much as they could/would, the only option we had was to burn it.  We did & it worked perfectly & water has flowed since!  This water is collected in the big dam so any extra we can get in there before summer time is appreciated!

 When I went out to photograph the paddock on fire, I happened to turn around with camera in hand.  I couldn't resist catching some affection between Boris & one of his offspring!  Pigs are amazing how they live in family groups & Boris is a wonderful Dad most of the time ( unless there's food around, then he's a big pig...!  

 The goat...the goats also happen to think they are pigs & live with the pigs. This is their choice.  They have a very nice home of their own, but they would rather live with the pigs.  We have thankfully found a new home for the goats so they won't be here on the farm very much longer.  Goats & Ducks - the two creatures which we can now say we've tried & won't try again.  (Oh, but Bella is pregnant & it would be fun to see a kid goat around so I hope the new owners don't come too quickly...).  

A few days after, we had my aunty & uncle come to visit.  They are my mother's brother & sister.  Eli just loved spending time with Uncle W.  He has a new hero.  This is the only photo of either of them I took during the whole visit.  Eli & Uncle went catching yabbies together in the big dam.  They all enjoyed eating them that evening.  Unfortunately I am allergic to shell fish so I can't even touch them without breaking out in hives.  Thankfully that meant that I don't have to cook them :)

And I'm adding this photo just because I like it!  
We are blessed every year with a huge bucket of raw honey from the honey man who occasionally puts bees on our farm.  I pour it into smaller bottles for ease of use.

Have a wonderful day friends..  
I'll try to be back tomorrow!
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