Day 15/31 - Beechworth Bush Walkin'

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eli & Ellie

Can you see the koala?

Contemplative Eli


Last weekend the children & I travelled interstate to visit beautiful Beechworth which is tucked away in the Victorian mountains.  
The reason we travelled was because my sister & her hubby were able to meet us there.  As we live so far away from family we take every opportunity we can to see them.  It was wonderful spending time with them exploring Beechworth's many shops & especially the places of historical significance (this is Ned Kelly country).  The children particularly enjoyed visiting the old telegraph office where you can send out telegrams.  The reason the children were so taken with this particular shop was because you could talk on telephones WITH CORDS!!!!!  They found it so much fun to dial the telephone & pretend to speak all while firmly connected to the telephone.  This was very amusing to the adults who still remember life with telephones with cords :)

While there we also went on a bush walk through gold mining country to a nearby lake.  It was particularly relevant as the children have been studying the gold rush era in their History lessons.  There were still mine shafts around which added to their fascination! It seemed to take a long time to walk the 3kms to the lake, but thankfully we stumbled across a shortcut on the way back to our accommodation.  

While on our bush walk we came across a koala bear.  He was at the base of a tall gum tree & stopped & watched us as we in turn watched him.  I was regretting my decision not to lug my large zoom lens along so I could get better photos.  In the meantime, you'll have to search for him in the picture above.

Beechworth is a lovely place, but it certainly is busy compared to our nice, peaceful corner here on the farm!
It was especially nice to spend time with family though.  
I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Have a lovely day

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