Day 16/31 ~ These sunsets

Thursday, October 16, 2014

 The nighttime is heavy upon us here at Sunnyside, yet before I fall into the arms of sleep a reminder makes me aware that I have neglected to update here today.  I've been diligently trying to keep up with this 31 day challenge & today marks the half way mark.  Not very noteworthy in the grand scheme of life, but it certainly has been enjoyable to me!  This challenge of blogging each day has brought back to me the joy of blogging about the little things.

It seems in this crazy blog world that somewhere I stepped away from sharing the everyday & instead required something momentous to blog about.  Well  I actually enjoy sharing these things, the photos, our life as insignificant as they are. My favourite blogs over the years have always been the ones that share the little things that make up real life. 

Every night here we are gifted with a sky painted in colours that rival any found across the world.  As the sun descends into the west, the sky puts on a show of the most beautiful colours.  A few months ago I happened to have my camera in hand and captured one such sunset.  Here on the edge of our valley the sky is a shining fire in the west, yet all around the rest of the valley it changes from pinks to oranges to purples as the sun makes it's final descent for the evening.  

Such beauty!

Have a wonderful night friends

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