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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Parenting is never easy.  This role holds many challenges, many new situations & stretches us more than we ever thought possible.  One such challenge happened a few weeks ago for me.....
...and it's not something you would ever imagine:)

I've mentioned before that our Zai is growing fast.  In fact every time he wakes up I'm sure he's grown a little taller.  Unfortunately he has been growing out of all his clothes.  This is unfortunate because it is the end of a season & I'd really rather not have to buy any more until the start of the next season ( in which he may be 9 foot tall at the rate he is currently growing).  

One day recently we were visiting the big city an hour away.  I cannot  remember why we were going - this story is not momentous because of that particular reason.  I do know that as we were walking around in a mad rush trying to do 1.2 million jobs ( as always when we go to the city), somewhere in that craziness I actually took the time to access what my children were wearing.  Poor old Zai looked as if he'd wedged himself into a pair of too much small jeans. I have no idea how he'd done up the zipper...
 On thinking further I realised that they were the biggest pair he owned & I had not larger sizes for boys in my storage boxes at home. 
It was decided that we would have to go shopping immediately  for jeans for the poor boy & we made our way directly there (because let's fact it, who wants to look like they are a bad parent & couldn't even provide adequate clothing for their poor child ~ even if he'd been walking around in them half the day already).

We went to the boys sizes first.  I was surprised at the lack of choices in the big boys sizes, but quickly grabbed a couple in the next sizes up.  You guessed it...when he tried them on...too small.
This is when I began to feel completely out of my comfort zone. 
You see I have walked into the men's section before, looked around, watched Dave grab clothes & I've walked straight back out.  
I had not idea that men's jeans were not like children's or ladies.  I am one of five girls so I have the girl/lady thing completely covered, but put me in the men's section looking at racks of jeans & I'd rather eat a whole bowl of brussel sprouts ( OK maybe not...)....

This wasn't in my training manual, no parenting book had ever covered this & I felt very panicky.  How on earth was I going to find jeans to fit my son when the sizes were in the 70's or 30's (after all he'd just been wearing size 14)?  
Well I girded myself with courage & began to seek out the smallest pair I could find.

Now as with most stories, this one has a happy ending, because thankfully that smallest pair fitted him perfectly.  
Thankfully I could grab another pair in that size.
And now I know that the men's section isn't as scary as I always thought....

....I think Dave can take the boys shopping from now on though!

I don't know if I'm ready for them to grow up quite so quickly!

Have a lovely weekend friends

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