Day 22/31 - Snowball

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I found this in draft as I sit here much too late to be pondering on what to post.  These pictures are adorable, the story is worth remembering & I am far past writing anything of any quality tonight ( I expire early around here...).  Enjoy these pictures of this little kitten that has grown up into a reckless, puppy teasing, lovable, mouse catching farm cat!

This is our newest little kitten 'Snowball'.  He arrived here at 5 weeks old & is such a bundle of adorable fur.  He seems to have settled in without too much trouble.  He has four very watchful children forever vying for his attention & affection so he could be in a much worse place.  At the moment he is gracing a sick bed.  Sometimes curling up with a soft, warm kitten is just the thing to help you get better ( or so I'm told).

Moonlight (our other cat) took a little while to adapt so Snowball & there is still some jealousy going on around the farmhouse.  At first I was convinced that Moonlight would eat Snowball as he has no interaction with other cats.  Fortunately he has decided that Snowball is more a fun toy to chase & torment.  Snowball can get away though as he fits beautifully under the lounges that Moonlight cannot get under.  Snowball then torments Moonlight from the safety of his hiding place!

And while at first they seemed to not get along, Moonlight & Snowball are the best of friends now.

(Italics added to original draft today 22 Oct)

Have a wonderful day friends

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