Day 2/31 ~ Those poddy lambs

Thursday, October 2, 2014

This year we have a grand total of 9 poddy lambs.  This is less than the previous couple of years.  Unfortunately we had more losses than usual which is why the total is lower.  Bolt, Zai's puppy, loves feeding time & comes to 'help' us give the lambs their milk.  His favourite part is licking up any milk that has been spilled.  He even drinks off the teat, but hasn't worked out how to suck them as a lamb does.  It is quite amusing to see his little black body in line with the white lambs.  Such a contrast!
Thankfully we are down to two feeds a day.  We are getting closer to weaning time.  By this time in the year any eagerness for lambs has completely dissipated & we are ready to stop the feeds.  We do, however, have some smaller lambs so we will keep feeding until they are old enough to be weaned.  

Every time we walk across the paddock to the chicken shed or to get the cows up for milking Bolt & a line of poddy lambs come along as well.   Sometimes 5 of last year's poddy lambs that haven't been sold yet come along for the walk as well. Often the children will accompany us on a bikes. We make quite a procession!

Have a lovely day

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