Day 23/31 - Monkeys

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We have three monkeys in our family.  
Three who are very confident way up high in trees.  
Three who play games far from the ground, comfortably moving from branch to branch.  
The other one...we'll let's just say he prefers the ground (although some may say he has his head in the clouds rather often...). 

Sometimes it is better for me, as a mother, to not look at the heights they are so comfortably playing at.  
Sometimes it is better to remove the 'what ifs' from my brain.... to not think of the patients I treating in my professional career - a number who fell out of trees.

Though truthfully, my children come by this love of tree climbing quite honestly.
I've climbed my fair share of trees over the years.  
I have vivid memories of getting stuck up our mulberry tree & Mum having to  help me down.  I also remember falling out of our mango tree in a box with my sister (although neither of us remembers the actual fall which is rather strange)!

I truly think that climbing trees is one of the joys of childhood.  I feel sorry for the child who has never been allowed to ascend the branches of a tree, to experience the delight of looking down at the world from a new perspective.

(Although my children found recently that doing their schoolwork up a tree is very uncomfortable.)

Have a lovely day

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