Day 30/31 - Dig-In Discipleship Bible Studies (Review)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teaching your children to study the Bible will be beneficial to them throughout their whole life.  I know I am very thankful for parents that taught us to look to God's Word in every circumstance.  Recently we were blessed to receive two Dig - In Discipleship Bible studies  written especially for children 10 - 12 years in age by Australian author Penny Reeve.  Since we have two children in that age group & I teach a Sunday School class of  girls of that age, we were delighted to try them out! We received Pastures, Paths & Parties (which is based on Psalm 23) & True Identity (based on Colossians 3:12-17).

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The Dig-In Discipleship studies are designed for the age when the children are beginning to ask questions for themselves.  They are starting to form their own opinions &  will often double check things independently.  This is a critical age for them to really begin to form a love for Scripture & how it relates to their life.  The Dig - In Discipleship study assists in this.  Each study is designed  to cater for both individual or group use and are easily able to be modified for many situations.  My husband used the Pastures, Paths & Parties with his Sunday School class which is actually a little older than this particular age group, but it worked well.  Each Study book contains smaller studies.  These are then divided into sections with each containing  relevant activities & games, Scripture study, related questions, prayers, Scriptures to memorise & progress checks.  Throughout the study the child is encouraged to look up various Scripture passages themselves & then think about the meaning & how they can be applied to their life. The activities are designed to show how these passages are relevant to children of their age in their stage of life.

The Dig-In Discipleship studies are easy for both the single user & the group leader to use.  They make studying Scripture fun. I particularly like the way they continually come back to the Scriptures throughout  the whole study.  As both a parent & a Sunday School teacher I find this is integral for good studies. The activities were easy to execute & were adaptable if materials weren't available (or the teacher wasn't particularly organised that morning)...  The studies were able to be completed in a suitable amount of time & weren't arduous for the child.  Overall we are really enjoying the Dig- In Discipleship studies we have received & we feel that they are an asset to our children' spiritual growth.

One of my Sunday School class members....

There are six studies in the Dig-In Discipleship Study series:  
* Follow the Leader
* Battle Gear
* Pastures, Paths & Parties
* True Identity
* Good Advice
* Pray This Way (to be released very soon)

These are available from  Christian Education Publications for $5.06 each or from Penny's website for $5.95 each. 

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