Day 3/31 ~ It was a big number....

Friday, October 3, 2014

My day began with a birthday hunt....
....but I was too sleepy to work out all the clues.  Thankfully I have children to help me.

Dave cooked a delicious favourite....homemade hashbrowns with smoked salmon & a sour cream sauce.

The day was spent on phone calls to far off relatives who I miss so very much even after almost 7 years of living far away.

Zai & Ellie baked a cake.  They thought it was funny to put 85 on the top.
I did not think it was funny.
I cried. 

A precious friend had invited us over for tea that night.  It was so much fun celebrating with friends who are more like family!  
The cake (minus numbers) was delicious even if Jud did blow out some of the candles!

....that came up quickly!

Have a happy day friends 

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