Day 4/31 ~ Beautiful Blossoms

Saturday, October 4, 2014

While sometimes I have to look closely to see the colour in my poor little garden, at the moment the flowers are blooming & each ones makes me smile.  

*  Jasmine ~ my favourite scent that wafts over the yard & makes me stop & breathe deeply.  Every time it takes me back to our childhood backyard where jasmine grew abundantly.  It always came out to celebrate my birthday!

*  Bird of Paradise ~ the constant in our garden.  Whenever it is void of flowers I can rely upon this to be producing.  These have lived through many years of drought & are still flowering beautifully!

 * Pansys ~ bringing colour through winter & into spring.  I love pansies as they remind me of my Granny who always grows them!

*  Sweet Pea ~ planted in autumn they slowly grow over winter & then bless us with a sweetly scented flower in spring! While the plants don't look commendable, the flowers are indeed beautiful!

 * Orange blossom ~ another of my favourite scents.  This year the orange tree has been blooming constantly.  I'm not sure if that means there's something wrong, but I'm enjoying the lingering scent that covers the yard.

And then I remembered about the other flowers around the garden that I forgot to photograph....
Too often I am distracted by the jobs, by the weeds & the dust.  I need to purposely work at looking for the flowers & forgetting the never-ending distractions. 
 Isn't life like that though?  
Sometimes we need to look closely to count the blessings, but no matter what is going on & how much work you have or how many distractions there are, those blessings...they are always there to be counted. 

 I'll have to go out soon, camera in hand, & seek out those missed flowers!

What blossoms are you enjoying right now? 
 How is your garden growing?

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