Day 6/31 - Working in the sheepyards

Monday, October 6, 2014

Today dawned a beautiful sunny day.  
Spring is turning on all it's charm & the temperatures are perfect for short sleeves.  Since today is a public holiday the household is relaxed with no schedules to adhere to, no alarms to wake up to & no places to go to!  The temperature cajoles you outside and we spent a lazy breakfast (after milking & lamb feeding & all the other jobs that mark our mornings) outside.  
Since the day was so beautiful & since we've found some fly blown ewes already  (it is rather early in the season for that) Dave decided some sheepwork was in order.
2014 lambs to the left ~ all else to the right
  While I finished my after breakfast jobs, Dave & the children brought all of the sheep up to the yards.  By the time I arrived, after taking a short detour to open up the hen house, they had already begun drafting the sheep.

We then spent the morning moving sheep, treating sheep with a fly preventative (if you've ever seen a sheep with fly strike you'll understand why this is a MUST out here), treating ewes with flies (YUCK!) & wrangling the few unmarked lambs (we had a few born after we marked the other lambs).  Oh & treating the broken leg of a silly lamb that decided it was a kangaroo & tried to jump the fence ~ unfortunately it got one leg stuck & subsequently broken.

Photo by Jud in ute

Photo by Jud in ute
Photo by Jud in ute
 And if you're wondering about the cows in the background...well they had decided that the coolest place to sleep was under the shearing shed.  By the end of the morning I would have happily joined them. I now have my first case of sunburn for the season, but it was worth knowing that job is now done for summer!

It's always fun to work together as a family!  
How are you spending your day?

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