Day 7/31 - Farmschooling - taking it outside!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One sunny, wintery afternoon last term we decided to embark down the paddock to complete our history lesson.

While we tried to stay focused on the people that made our nation great, the puppy & lambs did their best at distracting the already easily distracted students.  

This year of homeschooling has been our easiest yet. It's also been our smoothest.   
Every week I give each child a check-list.  They asked for this as they are all like their mother.  They want to know what to expect ahead of time.  This has allowed them to work more independently on some subjects.
This has made it much easier on me.
Which is a good thing when you consider what the future may hold...

We've found most of our curriculum to be excellent.  There will be very few changes for my primary students next year

Of course someone insists on continuing to make his mother feel old. 
 He's going into high school in 2015 (year 7 here in NSW)!  This means new subjects, new expectations & new curriculum.  It also looks like loads of fun! (I had a great time writing out his learning program and can't wait to begin!)

 Sometimes leaving the house for a class down the paddock is worth it!
(Just watch out for the green ant nests)

Have a lovely day friends

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