Day 8/31 - A transformation

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 We knew when we bought this late 70's dream home that the bones were in excellent condition.  We also knew that it would take a lot of work to get it to where we would like it.  What we didn't estimate was the time it would take, what with the numerous other things that keep our lives ticking by.

We broke the work into stages & our plan is to work on them as time & money permit.  This means that there are spurts of work here & there.  
Stage one was the kitchen/dining/hall.  This was a huge stage & was finished in 2013 (except the curtains which are still on my sewing pile).

Stage two was the three bedrooms for the children.
The boys' room was completed first  It was done quite early as it was the experimental room where we were trialing to see how we could replace the disgusting ceiling that was in the house. (Foam with a spray on sparkly thing which trapped dust horribly & ended up being a kind of browny, dirty colour .  The spray on part then began falling down.)  The next room in stage two was Ellie's room (aka the girl's room).

First step was taking down the old ceiling.... that's better already.

Finally with a new ceiling, new paint, new cornice, new skirting & still the old floor ( believe it or not, the floor is going to be carpeted, but not until stage five) the room was ready for Miss E to move right back in.

Sounds easy hey!
Don't be fooled.

Once this house is done we may never move again!
I'm fairly sure Dave will never EVER take me house shopping again.
(It may have been my idea to look beyond the horrible cosmetics & see the potential.)

Would you believe it only took Dave & Zai two days to do the next bedroom!  They are amazing!

Stage Three (Lounge) is half way done already!  YAY!!!

So what have you been up to?

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