Day 9/31 ~ Our Sydney Adventure

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just under two weeks ago I packed up the three youngest & we traveled to Sydney for a couple of days filled with adventure.  
The main purpose of the visit was for our twins to be seen at the Children's Hospital ( a twin study thing ~ nothing wrong).  However since we were in Sydney we took the opportunity to do things the children have never had the opportunity to do & visit places they've only read about before.

On our first morning there we took the train ( a double decker) to Circular Quay.  This was the very first time any of these three children had been on a train & they were so excited about it!  They were also unimpressed about having very little personal space on the train.  They disliked having strangers right next to them on the tiny seats provided.   I was rather surprised about that.  I guess I caught many trains throughout my uni years & so it's not a thing I think about while on public transport.  
When we arrived at our destination the very first thing they saw was the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
They have been learning about both the Bridge & the Sydney Opera House recently in their schoolwork, but they were all amazed at how very large both are!  They truly are amazing works of architecture!

We visited the Opera House first.  Since I am too tight to pay for a tour & since time was short we just enjoyed taking photos on the steps.  If you're wondering ~ that's Jud singing opera at the Opera House!

After a  short ice cream break ( see I'm not THAT mean) we decided the only thing to do was to walk across the Bridge!  This meant we had to get up on it's level which took us on a walk through the streets of that part of Sydney.  We  I was so excited to pass the site of the first General Hospital in Australia.  The building was beautiful!

We finally walked across the bridge.  It is very high & I was alright as long as I didn't look down & didn't go too close to the edge.  I did brave the edge once to get a photo of the opera house from the bridge (to try & give perspective).  Of course the children loved to torment me with running along as close to the edge as the enclosed sides would allow ( I guess they have not inherited my fear of heights). We finally made it across! The first thing we searched for was some water & then some shade.  We made our way down to Lunar Park ( sorry no photos) & I once again showed how skinty I am.  The poor darlings only got to watch some over priced rides.  They actually didn't complain.  I did buy some fairy floss ~ see not that mean!!!  
We decided that a ferry ride back was a perfect way to return to our train station destination.  They can now say they've flown over the Sydney Harbour Bridge (on a visit to Brisbane), walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge 
sailed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

The rest of the trip was busy & crazy & I am so thankful for GPS which had to recalculate a few times ;)  .  I had the worst-ever shopping experience of my life ( in IKEA) & was so glad to return home to the quieter, calmer life we live out here on the farm!

It was such fun to experience these things with our children!  
I am blessed to have had this opportunity!
Have a lovely day friends

P.S.  These photos were all taken with the Ipad, thus the terrible quality.  I know I should have lugged my big camera there, but I didn't.  
P.P.S.  The photo of me is by Jud :)

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