All on a quiet evening...

Friday, November 14, 2014

It happens almost every evening.  
They all join forces and try to get their Daddy to the ground.

Of course it used to be so easy ~ they couldn't even get him out of his chair.
Sure, he'd play with them that they were so strong and they'd flex their little muscles so proud of their feat!

But now....
I'm not sure what happened...
...I guess I just kept feeding them because they just keep on growing!

Because now, inevitably, Dad will end up on the ground with four triumphant children stacked on him.
Now he has to try very hard to get away!  
Now they always win, because it's four against one & one of them is bigger than his mother!

If only you could hear the giggling & laughter that accompanies this play time...

Meanwhile the Mama, she grew up with just sisters.  There was none of this crazy roughhousing :).  
She's still trying to adjust....
....usually she just leaves the room! 
This is Daddy's department ( & he does a fantastic job at it!!)!

How about you? Does this happen in your home too?

Have a wonderful weekend friends 

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