Harvest 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It was late in the evening when the old header rumbled into our back paddock & began it's laps.  Back & forth it travelled, extracting the seeds from our barley crop, depositing them into the truck & lumbering back to continue it's passage.  Those seeds, sown on a cool autumn morning back in May, had given birth & produced it's own kind -  as continues throughout all the earth.  And here on our little patch of dirt we were finally able to reap the long awaited harvest we had only dreamed about when we planted those seeds into the soil so many months ago.  

The high temperatures of the day are what convinced our neighbour ( who contracts for us as we do not own the extensive equipment required to harvest grain in such quantities) to await the coolness of the evening.  The fire danger was much too high to consider completing this during daylight hours.  There is a high risk of fire with such machinery & so every precaution must be taken to prevent this occurring.

 I left children behind & trundled down in our old farm ute to await the passage of this powerful machine. My camera in hand, ready to capture the excitement!  The night was a blanket all around as I tried to photograph in the deep darkness that you can only understand if you're without lights around. 

And so I sat waiting, watching the light at the distant end of the paddock slowly meander towards me until finally I could make out the shape of the machine.

This grain will become feed for our stock & seeds for next year's harvest (Lord willing).  
What a blessing to be able to produce this on our farm for our farm!  

Have a wonderful day friends
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