Imperfectly Fine

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blogging is a strange endeavour.  I personally tend to hate posting pictures that show messy, real life happenings here on my blog, but let me tell you, real life does happen all the time here and often it's messy & it is almost never pinterest worthy. And you know what?  That's alright.  

Whatever you do, please don't think we have everything together here on the farm.  We don't for a moment.  There are always jobs left on my to-do list ~ I'll get to those when the children have left home!  There is always too much to be done outside than time to do it.  There is always fences that need mending (literally) ~ many, many kilometres of the dreaded things. There is always telephone calls I never make ( because I really am terrible at calling people). There is always windows to clean, bathrooms to clean, bedrooms to clean...gulp...  

Take this picture for example...
...messy benches
...old milk waiting to go down to the pigs (lots of old milk because it's been sitting in the fridge...)
...dirty clothes  on the equally dirty boy ( hopefully his hands are clean though) from squeezing in as much outside play before Mum called  him for school-work time!

But this picture is special to me because this moment captures something so precious that I will treasure my whole life!
My precious, dirt covered, messy, energetic boy.... he offered to cook us lunch ALL BY HIMSELF!
He did it & it was delicious!  

So please don't think there isn't mess around here at times.  I'm a homeschool Mum who homesteads & keeps her home as best she can, but it's never, ever, ever perfect....and that's fine! No one can do everything perfectly!

Have a wonderful weekend friends

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