Melking Christmas Fun (Review)

Monday, November 3, 2014

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There is little that children love more than the anticipation of waking up & discovering something fun awaiting them.   Recently, a favourite soft toy from my childhood has been visiting during the night time hours & when the children wake they find him into all kinds of mischief!  Dubbed "Melk" he's been bringing extra meaning to the Christmas season ( a little early, I know)!  
Such excitement here on the farm...

Melk is the brain child of gifted author Katie Hornor who blogs at Paradise Praises.  She is a missionary in Mexico with her husband and five children.  I am so excited to be participating in the launch of her brand new book Melk the Christmas Monkey.  The aim of this book is to teach God's Character through Bible Lessons and Activities that the whole family can enjoy during the Christmas season!  There is no doubt in my mind that it does just this.  

Melk the Christmas Monkey encourages you to choose a soft toy ( a monkey is recommended, although by no means the only kind you can use ~ we used a lion).  This toy becomes 'Melk' & visits the family in the night time hours.  The children then find him in some particular pose in the morning accompanied by a letter which explains the Bible Lesson & the activity to complete that day. Every day there is a new pose, a new letter & a new activity.  This provides a wonderful way to celebrate advent!  

 Melk the Christmas Monkey contains 30 different lessons to complete during the Christmas season.  They are not time specific so if you are a little late starting or if you only wish to complete a few that's OK.  Each lesson comes with a complete instruction sheet for the parent which includes how Melk should be found, the activity to complete ( it's a great idea to read through these ahead of time so you are prepared), materials required, a short synopsis of the lesson being learned that day & some supporting Scripture.  They also include a definition of one characteristic of God.  At the bottom is the letter that Melk writes for that day.  Copies of these letters are also provided at the back of the book to make it really easy for parents to just cut out & use.  The book begins with a comprehensive introduction for parents & then another introduction for children with some rules about Melk.  This provides a good foundation for the rest of the book.  

We enjoyed the lessons we completed in Melk the Christmas Monkey (or lion for us).  The lessons are eagerly anticipated & thoroughly enjoyed.  We love celebrating Christmas & I intend to  use this resource throughout our whole Christmas season!  The activities included in Melk the Christmas Monkey are very easy to complete. There is only a few that I need to find alternatives for due to our location.  Most of the materials are easily found around the house.  Overall we found this to be an excellent resource for the whole family! 

Melk the Christmas Monkey is available in either ebook, kindle or print form.  For print & kindle please visit Amazon.  Ebooks are available from Paradise Praises.  If you purchase from now until Nov 8th you will receive a free gift with every ebook.  If you choose to purchase through Amazon, just email the receipt dated Nov 1-8  to and they will email you your free gift!  

If you would like to see a sample of Melk the Christmas Monkey, a free chapter is available HERE!

Possibly the most exciting part of this launch is that for every book that is sold from Nov 1-8 a child in Mexico will be given a Christmas gift & the gospel!   

What a great way to help celebrate the Christmas season!

Have a lovely day friends

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