A Farmyard Funny!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

I knew the lambs had been into the hen house.
  It was the mess that gave them away.  Things knocked over & every single morsel of the food gone.  Those naughty poddy lambs go anywhere for a bit of food.

But what intrigued me that evening was how the top of the large waterer was missing....and I couldn't find it anywhere.

I locked up the chickens after giving them more food & thought I'd have another look the next morning ( they have another waterer).  The fading light could hide something like that.

Early the next morning I went searching.  I looked & looked but to no avail.  Somehow the waterer had vanished.

It all made sense when the children came running up from a bike ride & asked me to come:

It seems this lamb had been a little too inquisitive.

But how she had ended up in the middle of a paddock a good distance away is anyone's guess??!!??

We promptly removed her stylish 'hat'.
And she followed us home!

I think this one even tops Bessy's little difficulty!  
I'm still laughing 3 days later....

Have a wonderful weekend!
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