My little garden bug!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our shade house garden is flourishing & just that little bit of green & growth brings joy to my heart.   One of my favourite times of day is when I  turn on the grey water pump & water my tomatoes. It is never a chore (although it does not have the nicest aroma) - I may have even been known to talk to my tomatoes while I water (but don't tell...).  I am amazed how having that little bit of shade keeps the ground moist & stops the plants from withering on the blistering hot days we are known to have around here.  I'm just wondering how many shadehouses I can have??!!?? (or more like it - how many plants I could support on the grey water from the house?)  

I have a little garden bug that loves to help me with the gardening chores.  His proper name goes perfectly with the suffix -bug & so he's often referred to that way!  
(this is Jud)

All 25 tomato plants are growing well.  Every time I check on them they seem to have grown again & we're seeing lots of flowers.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that we've even picked our first ripe tomato!

After lamenting to Dave about the strawberries that died last year he suggested that I grow a row of strawberries at the back of the shadehouse.  I cheated & purchased 'advanced' strawberries - which means we've also had our first ripe strawberry!

What a blessing green, growing plants are.  I love gardening & even though I may never have my huge, dream garden I am thankful that this year we can have even a small one!

How is your garden growing?

Have a wonderful day friends

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