Monday, January 12, 2015

This past month have seen us travelling up and down this country of ours. In fact in this past month we've been in all four states on the east coast.  If you follow my Instagram you are aware of this (or you may be confused as to why I am posting pictures from here, there & everywhere). 

What a blessing it is to spend time with our extended families.  It is something we do not take for granted as we live so far from them.  This blog may be a little quiet until I rebundle up the children & return home to farm & hubby ( who is in the depth of some major renovations to our old farmhouse).  Travelling up here to Qld has been an experiment for me.  I do a lot of driving generally, but driving 1200km with just the children is definitely a first.  As our children are good travellers, it was a wonderful trip!  I hope the return is just as good! 
In the meantime, I will attempt to get my curriculum posts up. Later than usual, but eventually up.  I have so many in the works & have taken many, many photos of these many places I have travelled. Posts to come friends....
Have a wonderful week!
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