New Year Randomness

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's hard to believe it's another year here on this place where I share with the world (or the few readers) my thoughts & our family.  With the click of a clock & a house overflowing with children, it's kind of been a little busy to celebrate too much. We've just finished our first respite foster care placement of the cutest three little boys. And yes, that means we had seven children here this past few days ( & yes, we did get some of THOSE 'big family' comments).
So that planned New Year's blog post, let's just say it didn't eventuate. It's still in the realms of my mind & will live eternally there as the moment for it has passed.  Who cares about words when you have children to cook for, clean for & play with.  Instead of writing I was remembering how to change nappies & wiping little noses & tucking in hurting little ones & having the time of my life!!!

So even with much planned for the blog in the New Year, please forgive me if it goes rather quiet at times as our real life takes over.
My goals for the year are large & possibly unachievable.  My life is fun & possibly over committed ( who me??!!??). And tonight my brain is a fog induced by interrupted sleeps to comfort crying children, babies who need me & that older one with a belly ache induced by  eating too much dessert at the New Year's Party we attended (Zai.....4 times up during that very short night....grrrr....hope he learned that lesson!!).  

But whatever the future holds, please know that I appreciate having this place to scratch out my thoughts, my desires, my plans & our life.  I especially appreciate all who read my humble musings.

May God bless you friends!

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