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Friday, March 20, 2015

Maths is undoubtedly the subject I am most passionate about.  Just ask my children.  Knowing how important a good mathematics grounding is for future study, I try my best to ensure my children have a thorough knowledge of their basic maths concepts.  They can then build on these in the years ahead.   Since the beginning of this year our twins have been trialling an online maths program.  GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN is an engaging, online program which teaches mathematics to children in grades K-5.

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GPA Learn is a mathematics program which is completed entirely online. GPA Learn makes maths fun with cute characters, fun themes & interesting lessons.   Each grade level  has over 150 lessons to give a thorough grounding to the student.  The student is guided through their lessons by a specific animated character which is unique to that grade. The lessons are animated & very engaging for the child, whilst still conveying the learning material in a thorough & logical way.  Within GPA Learn grade levels, there are various learning pathways that the student can take depending upon their learning requirements.  It is up to the parent to determine if the proposed pathway is suitable for their student.  If not, they are able to unlock lessons for that child which provides a more relevant learning pathway.
Once the child logs into their GPA Learn account, they are directed to the next lesson for them to complete.  Every lesson contains the relevant teaching, followed by some practice questions.  The child is guided throughout these by their animated character. Once these are finished, the child must complete a quiz.  This quiz is graded &  these grades are sent via email to the parent.   If the child has shown sufficient understanding, the next lesson is unlocked.  If not, they must complete the quiz again.  

 One of my favourite parts of this program is the motivational rewards which occur randomly as the student completes their lessons.  During the initial set up phase, the parent can choose which rewards they want their student to receive.  They can also choose the frequency these are given. These are able to be changed at any time.  I've found that rewards are a great motivation to my children, especially my easily distracted son.

We received a 12months subscription to GPA Learn for up to 5 different students. We used it on both our PC & Laptop. Eli & Jud have used GPA Learn as their primary maths curriculum over the past 6 weeks.  They completed a lesson daily with the aim of having the entire grade level finished in 10 months.  They found their third grade character (which is a robot) very engaging. Generally the boys were able to complete their maths lesson without any problems, although they certainly found some concepts challenging.  They always enjoyed their special time on the computer completing their maths lesson.    I did notice that there were a couple of lessons that both twins had troubles with (yes, the same ones). I found in these cases that if I took the time to sit with the boys & reteach the work, then they were able to pass their quiz and unlock the next lesson.  Generally, however, they had no troubles understanding the concepts taught to them. Both boys particularly loved the random rewards and greatly anticipated the next one's arrival.   I appreciated being able to see what my boys were learning & having the ability to choose the learning path I wished them to complete.

Australian Students:
As I was able to choose lessons for the boys, I could choose topics which complied with the learning outcomes in Australia's National Curriculum. 
While this is an American program & would require some supplemental work to be complete for the Australian student (such as it uses American money).  The majority of the content is much the same as that studied by the Australian student and can be utilised for teaching most of their mathematical concepts.


GPA Learn is easy to setup, easy to use & easy to navigate through.  It makes mathematics fun!  My boys are certainly enjoying their maths lessons using this program.

GPA Learn Review
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