A stroll or two around the farm...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sometimes I sneak away from this busyness of this household & take my camera for a walk around the farm.  It's a rare occurrence due to the necessity of another adult being home, but when I get the chance I'll signal to Dave (the other adult :) ) & slip away to enjoy these minutes of blissful silence. I need those times of peacefulness to recharge & regroup.  Always, always I come back ready to jump right into this chaos that so defines my life at the moment. 

The land here at Sunnyside is slowly turning a beautiful green as the temperatures cool & the seasons change.  This is my favourite change: from the 'golden brown' to mottled green ( to become bright green as the season continues Lord Willing).  It is the boost that my soul needs after looking at only brown for far too long over the summer months.  For whatever reason my whole outlook lifts when I am surrounded by green.  

On my walks I bask in the fresh air & the accompaniment of peaceful birdsong.  It is these very moments that refresh my soul. These times when prayers of thanksgiving just bubble out of me! 

  Sometimes I do have little ones who come searching, torch in hand, to find me as I walk back in the evening from locking up the chickens or checking on the other animals (always with permission).  It seems that I am  missed when I slip away. I've never regretted the selfishness of taking these moments - my sanity needs them after battling with a highly spoiled toddler, high needs younger children, frustrated older children who don't understand & the general difficulties of trying to mould two families into one which is the very real  world of foster care. 

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