Half way....

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


They're half way to being officially adults!

Eli & Jud celebrated 9 years of life recently.
It's hard to believe that my babies could possibly be this age, but alas the calendar doesn't lie.  The years are flying by & before I know it they will be young men.  How I hope that we are training them to be strong men of God!  That is my earnest prayer.

  It was a relatively normal birthday celebration for the twins this year. We don't do parties very often, although having 14 people for dinner could surely count as a party!!!  As is tradition, the birthday day began early just as dawn was beginning to make it's appearance. We began with a "birthday hunt": a treasure hunt with clues that lead them to their gifts.  Every year I try just a little harder to make their clues that much trickier, but so far they've always been able to find their gifts!!!  
Their big gift this year was a trampoline.  It really is a shared present as the other 5 children have enjoyed it just as much as these two.  I'm so thankful that these two boys do not mind sharing, but then they've shared their whole life so I should expect they would be good at it! Their favourite thing at the moment is asking who was the first baby (identical twins split early in their development).  I always reply that they both were there as one (which, if you think about it is very confusing to two obviously individual people)!!  I love biology & the mysteries only God truly knows!

The birthday cakes were A LOT OF WORK this year.  Thankfully the children have the day off homeschool for birthdays.  Thankfully the extra kiddos were at school or daycare on that day.  Thankfully I'd made the cakes the night before & began decorating early.  Thankfully I had  the almost 3 hours free to decorate the cakes to the twins specifications ( thanks to pinterest for the elaborate ideas.... I may never show a birthday child pinterest ideas again). They were both very happy with their cakes & didn't notice the imperfections that were screaming out at me. Combined I used five (FIVE) whole blocks of chocolate!!! I don't want to think about how unhealthy they are for us.  It's a good thing birthdays only comes once a year!!

The day ended with our close friends coming over for dinner to help celebrate!  The boys had chosen takeaway Indian for dinner (which gave me the night off from cooking).  It was followed with cakes & icecream. 

Happy Birthday to our amazing blessings Eli & Jud.  We couldn't be prouder of you!!


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