It's that time of year...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lambing season has hit us with a 'bang' this year!!

For Grandma: Eli in red, Jud in blue stripes!

It seems that our ewes began lambing earlier than we were expecting.  We generally check the ewes from about the 29th June onwards with the expectation that lambing will begin on the 1st July.  We were quite surprised this year when there were already 5 lambs on the ground on the 29th!  So it was a scramble to get our heads around everything associated with lambing. 

But what was the biggest surprise was that our friend (who lambs at the same time we do) has already dropped numerous poddy lambs here (we are abundantly blessed with any lambs of his that  need bottle feeding as he lacks the time to do them himself).  We've had a few losses, which is to be expected with these babies, but overall they are a robust lot.  They are going well & keeping us very busy! 

Of course we all love having babies around the farm!!  

Our total is 12 poddy lambs so far.  
The most we've ever had in one season (which survived) was 15 (in 2013). 
It's gearing up to be a busy lambing season!!!

...And the mystery to the early lambing was solved when our friend (who we purchase our ewes off) told us he put some of the rams in a little earlier this year!  :)

Lambing season full swing!

Very busy & abundantly blessed...
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