Escape from Sudan (Review)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can you imagine having to flee for your life as your home goes up in flames behind you?

Can you imagine not knowing who you can trust?

Can you imagine living in a country so torn apart by war that you have little choice but to leave it?

These are all true scenarios for Elijah Bwoko, the main character of the book Escape from Sudan by Amanda DiCianni.  Amanda combines her real life experiences from working with Sudanese people as well as her studies in Literary Writing to pen a compelling, thought-provoking tale that will keep the whole family captivated.

 I received a PDF copy of Escape from Sudan for review purposes.  I very quickly read the book & decided it would be our next family read aloud as it presented some excellent conversational topics in a fun, adventure-filled story that all my children will enjoy!

Escape from Sudan is written from the perspective of a Christian teenage boy, Elijah Bwoko, who lives in a small village with his family.  When the story opens Elijah and his friends are playing soccer as typical boys do, however unbeknown to them enemy soldiers lurk in the nearby jungle, hoping to make slaves of those they can kidnap.  Elijah and his friends must run for their lives knowing that while they may get away, some of their friends will undoubtedly be caught.  

As Elijah and his siblings journey through the story, they must learn how to function independently in a world that would make most adults shudder.  Eventually they must leave behind their beloved, yet war-torn country, and begin a new life.  This story shares their adventures from the destruction of their village to the settling of these children into their new home.  They meet unscrupulous characters, they must flee from the enemy soldiers & slave camps, they must learn who they can confide in & ultimately, they must trust God in the most difficult of circumstances.

Escape from Sudan is written for children 8-12 years.  While it's scenarios seem rather confronting, they are presented in a tasteful & gentle way that is suitable for children of this age.  Sadly, this story shares much of what is reality for many people & our children need to know that not all children are as blessed with the safety & stability that they take for granted.  Escape from Sudan is an excellent book to present children with the realities faced by those who live in war-torn countries.  It is the catalyst for many stimulating & informative conversations for the whole family!

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