Budgie Hollow...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our twins are enamoured by birds.  It is their current passion (& you all know what little boys are like with their passions...).  Eli especially has a love of bird watching.  He borrows bird books from the library & reads (reads!!) them.  He is training his pet budgie daily (in the foster/ yellow bedroom which is currently vacant, but has unusually piles of bird seed sprinkled here & there at the moment).  And both boys talk wings & wing design almost constantly.  Thankfully Sunnyside is home to many varieties of birds.  The twins often ask to go & watch birds in various locations around the farm & return with many stories of the adventures of these flying creatures that they observed.  Their favourite place to go, however, is the big old gum tree right next to Rachie Dam.  That tree & the surrounding area have been dubbed Budgie Hollow.

While Budgie Hollow is home to numerous wild budgies, it is also home to many other beautiful birds.  The old tree if full of  crevices & dead branches that are perfect for these smaller birds to nest in.  There are two surrounding trees that also make part of the hollow.  The birds love to fly from tree to tree as they twitter & tweet.  Their song is beautiful & I could waste many hours myself gazing at & listening to these beautiful creatures. I'm not surprised the boys are so fascinated!

Being such avid bird lovers, when a flock of ibises that were on their southerly migration flew overhead, the twins raced outside.  The rest of the family soon followed along & stared as this large flock of black & white birds put on quite a display. They ducked & wove, they rode the air currents, sometimes remaining in formation, sometimes grouping differently, but always so seamlessly, so easily it seemed.  Of course my little bird lover ran to get his video camera.  His aim in life (at least for the moment) is to be a wildlife videographer. And so his Mama couldn't help but get her camera as well to document not just the birds, but also her boy's excitement at these amazing creatures!

Have a wonderful day friends

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