Cherries .... and summer begins!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ripening cherries always marks the start of summer, at least for this part of Australia!  While we don't currently have our own cherry trees, we are blessed to live close to many, many cherry orchards.  One of my favourites is an orchard my sister & I stumbled across on one of our infamous 'girls shopping trips'.  The draw of this orchard is not just the beautiful cherry trees & other stone fruits, but that they also have two huge greenhouses which are filled with tomatoes & strawberries. 
 On this trip, though, we went for the cherries. 
We always like to pick our own if we can.  Not because they are any better quality, but because I think that having the chance to pick your own food really makes you appreciate God's amazing creation! 

We've had a fantastic winter & spring season here, with abundant rains at just the right times.  The cherry trees must have appreciated it as they were absolutely laden with fruit.  I have never seen cherry bunches like the ones on these trees. 


We ended up picking 5kg of cherries & buying another kg of strawberries.  Sadly, that was no where near enough to even think about preserving any of them - our family seems to absorb food at the moment & good fruit is a favourite! We shall have to sneak back before the end of the season & get some more!


There were numerous chickens with their baby chicks wandering around the orchard.  The children loved watching them (as did their Mum) and commented on how well fed they are with all the ripe fruit!
As for this little miss, she's now taller than me!  Sigh!  When did that happen? I will admit though, that it is great having taller children because now they get to reach up high for things  (no more having to stand on shelves to reach the top at the grocery store - and yes, if you are short as I am, you have to do it sometimes).
May you have a lovely day friends

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