Warbirds Downunder 2015 & a short update

Monday, February 15, 2016

I've missed this little place on the website.  I've missed the writing of posts & the sharing of photos.  I'm trying to work out how to fit all the pieces of this puzzle of life into the 24 hours I've got.  This blog is my little place to share.  It relies on the 'me' time that is so elusive for homeschooling mothers. Our children love looking back through the pages & seeing what has been going on in life.  It's for them that I continue to click away here.  That, and I would be lost without a place to write.
These photos are all from the airshow 'Warbirds Downunder' that was held in November last year.  I'm slow in getting these up, I know, but I have had them loaded here for months now and these are the types of photos that my 'aeroplane crazy' family LOVE to look back on.  We are blessed to get free tickets to the airshow through Dave's work so we were able to enjoy it. The displays were amazing and the numerous variety of warbird planes shown were astonishing.  While the twilight show on the Friday night was a little sad due to the terrible weather conditions, the all day Saturday show was excellent and made up for any disappointment of the evening before.

Dave's Dad as able to attend with us.  it was lovely catching up with him & spending that time.  The children enjoyed having Grandpa visiting.  It is wonderful that this love of aeroplanes is a multi-generational interest!

The day was rather warm & seeing the engineers cooling off under the wing of the plane made me smile.

Today, I'm in the middle of schooling the children.  I keep on jumping up & then forgetting my train of thought. If this is a rather jumpy post , that would explain that.  The twins are working on their maths.  They work quite independently, but I do still have to be here to explain concepts. The other two are doing their IEW lessons.  I had wondered for years about whether that program was worth the money, but it has proven to be excellent so far.  I am very happy with this year's curriculum choices so far & will endeavour to share what we are using as I know many of my fellow aussie  homeschooling mothers enjoy these posts. 
I'd better go as the washing machine is calling me to go & hang out the clothes & Jud needs some help.
I tend to be much better at updating on Instagram if you happen to like that social media platform (it is my favourite after blogs).  I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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