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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Already these photos are vastly outdated.  The world has since turned a beautiful green and no longer do we crunch through dry grass to tend to the chickens, instead all around is the beginning of a lush pasture, promising nourishment to the many animals that rely on it!  Days of rain have filled our dams to the top and provided wonderful moisture to the thirsty earth.  All around the farmers' crops are beginning to grow and what once were brown fields are now vibrant greens. 

Winter has come to Sunnyside.  Days of woodfires, soups and blanket wrapped story-times!  Combined with muddy puddles, growing gardens and plenty of animals to keep us busy.  We were late starting the fire this year with such a warm autumn, but I am proving my fire lighting expertise now (ha ha - Dave says I use too many firelighters, but at least the fire is going!!)  The warmer weather also gave our winter veges a great start and soon we will be harvesting the first tastes of these greens we enjoy! Today I picked the last pumpkin left on the vine as long as possible.  What is left of the frost bitten vine will become food for the fast-growing piglets when I get the chance to clean out that garden.

Our newest little kiddos are finally feeling like part of the family.  I'm sure it's normal when you take on partially grown children, but at first we really felt at a loss with how to introduce them to people. It almost felt like we needed to clarify that they were not our bio children, yet whenever we did that people were so lavish with their praise of us that we were quite embarrassed.  The weekend before last we took a family day and surprised the children with a trip to trampoline park in the city!  While there a lady asked if Miss Toddler was my daughter and it was the first time I confidently said "yes", without feeling I needed to explain. That was a big milestone for me.  

Homeschool is continuing to chug along.  I am so thankful for children who are diligent with getting most of their work completed if I am busy.  I am still trying to find balance with everything, but no longer feel like I am drowning in all the responsibilities I have.  Most days everyone is achieving  their educational goals and as long as I've spent a couple of hours a week doing planning (usually on Saturday nights), the weeks go fairly smoothly.    I am finding that the best time for uninterrupted reading aloud to the twins is at nighttime once the little ones are asleep. (Mr. Preschool will sit still for most of a story, but will give his opinion and Miss Toddler doesn't sit still for longer than 0.04 seconds!)   So after family devotions, the twins and I curl up, all three of us, on Jud's bottom bunk and enjoy our stories.  Zai and Ellie always listen as well. Which makes for a very nice way to end the evening.  

Dave and I were discussing what we would like to do if money was no object.  I told him that I would like to be doing exactly what I am doing now.  I feel so blessed to be able to be at home with these six (six!!) precious children.  Love is really beginning to grow for these new little ones!  I am blessed to live here on this little farm with all it's many critter, to have a wonderful husband that I don't deserve, great friends who are more like family & a church that supports us and loves us all!

I've been missing writing here.  I was fairly bursting with the need to write tonight.  I have so much more to record, but time is beckoning me to bed, with the knowledge that tomorrow will be another busy day!  I'm just thankful to get a little time!  

Goodnight friends!

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