Foster Care

The decision to open our home to needy children was born in our hearts many years before we ever became a family.  As a young child I always had a heart for those who were hurting.  When I heard about the number of unwanted baby girls in China, I decided I wanted to adopt one of those precious orphans.  While that dream seems unlikely as international adoption in Australia is a long and laborious process ( & we have too many children for many of the countries), we knew long ago that we wanted to pursue foster care at some point for our family.
 Deciding the correct timing was difficult though.  

After much prayer & thought, we decided in 2014 that our children were old enough & mature enough for us to begin this process.  After many interview, much training & opening our home for inspections, we became authorised foster carers of our state in December of that year.  

I have found that writing about the journey we are on is therapeutic for me.  This has been particularly truthful when it comes to this turbulent journey of foster care.  We eagerly anticipate providing a permanent placement for some little ones in the future, but in the meantime we welcome children into our home & family for shorter periods of time.  Letters from a Foster Mum is a series of open letters sharing my heart.  

They are found:

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