Please pray for rain

Monday, May 19, 2008

Australia is recovering after 8 years of drought. A lot of this state is now declared not in drought, but unfortunately that isn't here where we are. This is our large dam & where the sheep are walking is the top of it. If it were full the water would be where Ellie is standing! This month we need 50 mls of rain - so far we have had 2.5mls - the winter rains aren't coming yet. Please pray that rain will come. For us we just don't plant, but for our neighbours who have planted thousands of acres already, if it is another failed crop it will be devastating.

At least the dam wall was a lot of fun!!


Heather said...

Renata, I will pray for you to get some much needed rain. We're having the opposite problem here. We had such heavy winter snow, and so much spring rain that the rivers have flooded. People's homes have been damaged, and the fields are so wet that farmers can't plant. We haven't been able to put our vegetable garden in yet because everything is too soggy. A problem you would love to have there right now, I'm sure.

Kimmie said...

Hi Renata;

I LOVE YOUR NAME and the meaning! Thanks so much for popping over and sharing. (I love new friends!)

I will certainly pray for rain-be blessed. I know He has plans of raining down blessings for you...keep your eyes open sister!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adotped

Kylie said...

Praying for the much needed rain for you and your community.

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