Making hay ...while the sun sets.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Homemade Lasagne + an evening walk for the whole family
a perfect evening!
We had to do a few small farm jobs on the way - like water the cows!
(Note how dry it is- this is summer coming - I'm still amazed at how different summer & winter look here.)

Ellie decided she would try Zai's big bike......& rode it perfectly - guess I know what her Christmas present will be!!
Here is our 'little' puppy Snowy - hmmm not so small anymore -but he sure is gentle. He's smart & obedient - in fact he is exactly what we wanted. Kinda wondering how big he's gonna be when he's fully grown though!
Finally we reached our destination -
the newly baled hay paddock!
And what do you do with hay if it doesn't involve wrestling??
Sadly my sweet little daughter was the instigator (I guess that's what you do when you have 3 brothers).

Posing for some photos in the waning light
Do you think I could get any serious ones - this is the best I could, but then when you consider that both twins had lasagne all over their faces it's probably best there are no close ups!

Hmmm..she certainly was wild - must get that from her father's side - LOL

Even taking daddy out of the mix didn't help with the photo session!
Oh well a fun evening for all!!

One of our barley paddocks was taken over by rye grass so we had it cut for hay - unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the cutting or baling process - wish I had as it's very interesting!! We now have enough feed for all the animals for a few years - we are so thankful as in summer there isn't much feed on the ground.


Ana Degenaar said...

I agree, you did have the perfect day :) I also made pasta at home today, isn't yummy and satisfying?

Grandma said...

Aaaaahhhh!!! What a gorgeous bunch! Hay & haysheds can be lots of fun. Sure looked like a lovely evening - that's one of the benefits of daylight saving isn't it??
Snowy certainly is getting big now isn't he?? I'm amazed at how he always looks so clean! Anyway, give all a kiss & hug, and hi to Dave. Lots of love, Mum xxxxx
ps the Andre Rieu concert was very, very good...I'm a big worried that Nity will now come home from school and put on her formal dress to play the piano!!!! The ladies' gowns are so beautiful...

Mummy McTavish said...

Your kids are so cute!

I'll pray you get lots of summer rain (at just the right times).

SF said...

Oh Renata, I love reading about your farm life SO much. :) These photos are precious, lasagna and silliness and all!! :)
Saminda xo

Samantha Caffee said...

Hey! We are getting a pup just like that in three more weeks! We picked the runt so maybe she won't grow up too big. We are planning on having her help around here with the chickens and soon to be goats. I can't wait to see how she does.

Your children are beautiful!


Widge said...

love the photo on your header!! Gorgeous!

Louisa said...

Hi, I just found your blog. What a blessing to find an Aussie, farming, homeschooling, christian blog. I don't blog myself but my daughter does.
she also gets excited to find australian bloggers

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
So lovely to chat yesterday, but I thought I'd leave a comment too!!! Snowy is huge!!! He makes Zai look tiny. I am getting more herbs today for my garden, including chocolate mint.
Andre Rieu was fantastic!!! But Nita has just been playing the piano in her formal dress and shoes.
Have a great day,

Mum-me said...

That cute little puppy sure is growing ..... and you say he's not fully grown yet?!?

Must be nice to be able to walk through the countryside after dinner.

debi9kids said...

OH! I just love these photos! Everyone looks so happy and the evening sky looks so warm and lovely .

ps The most perfect family photos are the ones least perfect ;)

Smilie girl said...

That looks like so much fun!

Katherine Alice said...

Hi Renata!
Yeah Mum (Louisa) told me she had left a comment on your blog just so I didnt wonder who you were, LOL! She was really excited about finding your blog, I have found that most bloggers are American so its great to see other Aussies around on the blog sphere!
No that does not make you a 'bad' Aussie, I made this quiz quite hard anyways :) mostly because I want to test my American followers knowlege on my homeland.
You are welcome to read my blog anytime!
God Bless

Leanne said...

I think that's a perfect evening too.

I like those evenings.

Kelsianne said...

Looks like you all are having alot of fun together as a family! Those times make the best memories!
If you have some time, I would love it if you could take a look at my blog.
God Bless you and your family!


Sande said...

Hey. Another mumma down unda! And you have cows too. On 240 acres, probably a lot more than us. Going on the nsw sufficating laws on dairing, you have to be VIC.

Just came back from Melbourne two days ago ... :}

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Sande said...


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