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Friday, February 3, 2012

Well it does feel a little like we're drowning in tomatoes here, but truthfully you never really can have too many ... can you?  Since I'm picking at least half a kg a day we've been enjoying fresh tomato a lot lately!!  I've never really had this problem before (because the last time I grew tomatoes the fruit fly got them ~ I'm thankful to not have that problem this year), but I'm enjoying finding new things to make which feature this produce.  
Such a blessing ~ fresh tomatoes!

Dave asked me to make tomato & chilli chutney (link to recipe I used) & the other day I did ~ it was so easy & is just delicious & it really could be used in place of a sweet chilli sauce in most dishes.  I used it in a stir fry as the main sauce & it was just wonderful!  


Another thing I made was a fruit & tomato chutney ~ I changed the original recipe a whole lot (as always) & so was a little hesitant at how it would taste, but it really is just delicious!  
I thought I'd share it with you in case you ever have excessive tomatoes too (or if you just want to make something that is delicious).  This is much tastier than having tomato sauce on your meal ( & being homemade I know what's gone into it!) :

Fruit & onions standing for chutney ~ it looks like a nice fruit salad doesn't it ?


Ing: 10x average sized tomatoes; 2 x granny smith apples; 2 x red delicious apples; 3x peaches ( peeled); 1 x large onion; 1 1/2 cups raw sugar; 2 tbs salt; 1 1/2 cups white vinegar; 1/3 cup pickling spice*

1.  Finely dice fruit & onions & allow to stand for a couple of hours to remove liquid.  Discard liquid before use.
2.  Add other ingredients ( put pickling spices in a muslin bag).  Allow to simmer for about 1 hour ~ stirring occasionally.
3.  Remove spice bag & ladle into cleaned jars.
4.  Water bath for 10 minutes ( or what is recommended for tomato chutneys in your country) or freeze in 2 week batches in sealed bags once cooled.

*  Pickling spice:
2 tbs mustard seeds
2 tbs ground allspice
2 tsp coriander leaves
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground chilli
1 bay leaf ( crushed)
1 cinnamon stick

We have quite a supply, but I'm wondering if I should make some more as it's going quickly!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of lovely garden produce or dreaming about when you will have that garden this year & then you can post about it & inspire me in the middle of our winter :)

Have a wonderful day,

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Ruby Jean said...

Oh it looks like you had a VERY bountiful Harvest.... My husband LOVE Chutney... I have never made any though so thank you for sharing the recipe.. :)

debi9kids said...

that looks just wonderful and your harvest seems so abundant. How awesome!

How do you serve the chutney? Over rice? as a condiment?

Grandma said...

Yummo, I only wish that I lived closer (or even better that you lived closer!!!!!) - that chutney looks delicious. I may have to try making some because tomatoes are quite cheap here at the moment....Everybody should be getting plenty of Vit. C there with all those tomatoes. So glad the fruit fly didn't get them this time.
Hope the first week of school went well. Actually, I should call.
Lots of love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Smilie girl said...

Yum! And the tomatoes look beautiful.

Amanda said...

while we are in the dead of winter, I love, love, love seeing all your summertime posts;)!!!

Rain said...

Oh my-those fresh tomatoes this time of year!! I'm absolutely drooling!! Beautiful pic! and nice bog!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Kelly said...

Everything looks awesome! Wish it was time for fresh tomatoes here :)

Kylie said...

Hi Renata, I wanted to invite you to the All Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop. Details are here -

EJ said...

Hmmmmm....i'm trying to work out how i can get some of that up here... it looks so good but i never get round to making anything because life is so busy...oh and i have noone to cook for.. Lol

:) xxxx

3rnigerians said...

It looks yummy. Thank you for sharing the recipe on Farmgirl Friday. I printed a copy for when tomatoes are in season here.

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