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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A few weeks ago I  made semi ~ dried tomatoes from our excessive harvest of tomatoes.  They proved to be so delicious that they were quickly consumed and we ran out.  Well our tomato harvest is very nearly finished, but I did have some small tomatoes that we needed to use up, so I decided I would make some more & this time I'd share my recipe with you ( plus if I put it here I will remember for next year since I didn't use any one recipe, just took a few ideas ~ a typical Renata recipe :).


Step 1.  First I cut all my tomatoes in half.  Of course semi~ dried tomatoes are nicest with roma tomatoes, but they work with all kinds, including the many I got of our miniature tomato plants ( both red fig and brown berry which produced abundantly ~ I am planning to include them both again in my garden next summer).  I also enjoyed that these plants stretched our tomato harvest out into autumn ~ almost a whole summer of tomatoes has been such a wonderful treat!  Place them cut side up on a baking sheet or tray.

Step 2.  This is the fun part ~ go out into your herb garden & pick whichever selection of herbs sounds good to you.  I chose thyme, rosemary & basil for this lot (if  I could get oregano to grow I would have used it as well).  Also grab a few cloves of garlic.  Then chop them all up finely ( it smells heavenly).

Step 3.  Add the herbs to about half a cup of oil.  I used olive oil because that is what I keep in the house.  Unfortunately with olive oil it solidifies in the fridge so you must remember to remove the tomatoes ahead of time to warm up when using them.  My friend uses canola oil & says it doesn't have this problem.   Sprinkle this mixture over your tomatoes.

Step 4.  Put them into a low oven ~ 125 degrees celcius ( 257 F).  Now it varies for the size tomatoes you have, but they will need at least 2 hours in there.  If you use bigger tomatoes obviously it will be longer & it also depends how 'dried' you like them to be ~ me, well I like them a bit more moist than these turned out, but I forgot about them ( ever done that & then smelled burning ~ I am the queen of forgetting about baking if I don't set my timer).   Basically remember to check them regularly :)

Step 5. Once done allow to cool & then put into your container.  Add enough oil to cover them.  Store in the fridge.

Enjoy ~ they really are much tastier than you'll find in the shops.  We use ours in salads, on pizzas, as an antipasto and in baking (THIS recipe is delicious with semi ~ dried tomatoes replacing the dill pickles)!

If ever you find you have an excess of tomatoes, or if you just want a delicious treat, you may want to try these.

Have a wonderful day 

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Unknown said...

YUM! I wanted to do this last year, but never got around to it. Maybe this year!

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
Yumm!! They look good.
Last night I made seafood risotto based on about 5 different recipes and not sticking to any one in particular.
Have a great day, will try and call you,

Grandma said...

Mmmmmm...... they look so delicious!!! Wish I was there to indulge in them (and see you lot). Give all my love and some hugs especially for Eli!!!!! (knowing how much he adores hugs!!!)
Love you all , Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cassandra said...

Oohh yummy !! I have made dried tomatoes in the dehydrator before but yours look so yummy I'll have try them this way next time :-)
I hope your having a lovely (wet?) weekend !
Cassandra xx

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

That looks so good!!! Definitely want to make them!

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